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12. February - 03. May 2015

RAKE – Trygve Ohren and Charlotte Rostad (NO)

Serina Erfjord (NO), Kristine Halmrast (NO), Lona Hansen (NO), Mercedes Mühleisen (NO), Örn Alexander Ámundason (ISL) & Olof Nimar (SE), Sergio Prego (SP).


photo: Anita Wold Lande

RAKE is the collaborative project of architect Trygve Ohren and artist Charlotte Rostad. In their work, Ohren and Rostad examine the exhibition format through projects where various fields, roles and genres intersect. Since they started in 2010 they have carried out a number of projects examining particular locations, and how the public perception of a place, and/or space, may be changed by interventions and subtle disruptions. At the onset of a project they often start by laying down some relatively strict criteria, then step back and watch things unfold. By way of this work-method they allow themselves to lose control at hands of their own rules. In the given frameworks of their projects, a clear interest in social-, art- and environmental-policy issues can be discerned. The questions RAKE asks may have no obvious and immediate answers, but both the questions and the answers continue to evolve when they come in contact with the audience, the site of the project and the other participants, something which makes for an ongoing dialogue, as opposed to a static monologue.

Like Pinning Jelly to the Wall consists of a spatial installation, constructed with the architecture of TKM Gråmølna in mind. Moreover, RAKE invites seven other artists to intervene in the exhibition. The project is an examination of how Ohren and Rostad's installation, the architectonic frames and the various interventions are influenced and changed as the exhibition develops. From February to May the exhibition will change its character, and will be reopened several times, each time with new works, or the gradual development of the exhibited works.